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June 21, 2017

Paying a Living Wage – Week 23

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Paying a Living Wage – Week Twenty-Three

Prayer with my lawn care buddy and my Lubbock catering friend (it has been so great to become friends through this prayer thing) was really good. We did quick reports on our last few week’s requests and it seems that God is truly listening to us and making things better. How great it is to bring our needs to God and actually get answered with positive results. It’s nice to pray with expectancy. This week all of us brought the book that the Lubbock Pre-K leader told us about and we talked about how we can use it to be even better at bringing spirituality not only to our group sessions, but to our actual workplaces. I would have never thought of getting my employees together and praying with them but now I think I might just take the plunge and see who wants to pray with me for our lives. It seems like a no-brainer to bring people at my work together for prayer – we would certainly bond with one another and with God. And as the boss, I would be the best one to introduce it. I will be careful though to make it clear that this is not mandatory and that those who attend will not get special attention from me. I’m not going to give raises to those who pray and keep the others at a simple living wage.

Speaking of a paying a living wage, we had a female speaker who worked for an architectural firm share with us what it is like to not be the boss. She said that we all (the bosses) should take a serious look at making sure our workers are paid at a living wage. She explained that she had started out making less than what she needed to pay all of her bills and it made her feel terrible and even angry when she went into work. She actually carried some angst and it came out in passive aggressive ways towards her bosses. But, when she went to her bosses and explained her situation, they were gracious enough to side with her. They raised everyone’s salary from a lowball base up to a living wage so that everyone could pay their bills and live a better life. It was amazing to hear this woman, who is not at the boss level, share about this controversial topic. I could see my fellow bosses in the room fidget around uncomfortably while she spoke and at discussion time there were a lot of questions about how to raise salaries for everyone without having to lower their own salaries. One of the bosses in the room was very flustered and said that he thought since he was the entrepreneur who took the initial risk to build the business, he should not have to raise his employees’ salaries and have to cut his own salary. Other bosses agreed but there were several (the corporate housing owner in particular) who piped in about how they needed to take this idea into serious consideration. The speaker answered all of them by reiterating that if they don’t pay a living wage, they risked having disgruntled employees who might not work as hard as they could if they didn’t have a living wage. She said that if we wanted to keep good employees around who were loyal to us, we should go for it. I decided right then and there that I was going to have a meeting with my hardworking staff about what they needed to get them to a place of having enough pay to keep them going. I was going to tell my workers that I was going to take a pay cut so that they could live better. This would certainly make them happier and better workers. I hated to cut my own salary to make this living wage possible, but then I thought about how hard it must be to work super hard only to be stressed to the maximum because their pay wasn’t high enough.

So readers out there – what do you think about this idea? What will you do with it?

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