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October 2, 2018

Houston Fire Damage

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Houston Fire Damage

It’s really no surprise that there is a lot of Houston fire damage – it is one of the biggest cities in America, which just means that there are more people around to create all sorts of accidental damages to their homes and businesses. When driving around town, you can hardly miss seeing fire trucks and ambulances speeding around corners to help the people in the greatest need. I have never had to deal with personal fire damage to my home or business, but I know people who have and it can be such a desperate feeling. One moment everything was settled and under control – everything was in its right place and in the next moment, it’s like everything has been undone. And of course, besides stopping the initial damage from spreading and getting worse, residents and business owners have to figure out what they are going to do with the long process of getting it all back together. One significant part of this process is getting money back from your insurance company so you can start the renovations, which will allow you to get back to normal life.

And this is not as easy as it sounds. Insurance companies are not super excited about handing out settlement checks – they aren’t standing out on the street corners tossing cash at passing cars. In fact, they are hoping to dish out as little money as they can for your fire damage situation. That’s why you need to be aware of the services of Houston Public Adjusters like Abba Claims Consultants. These Public Adjusters have one main job and that is to get you the most money from these stingy insurance companies as possible. Pretty cool, right? They make sure you have the best consultants and advocates who are fighting on your behalf and they don’t get paid unless they score for you! (Personally, I don’t know why anyone would not take them up on their offers to aid you in this process. It can be very difficult if done alone.)

Anyway, I am just writing to encourage you that there are some good resources for you if you ever have any sort of home or business destruction – especially fire damage. You are not alone!!!

September 6, 2018

Dallas Fire Damage Help!!!

Dallas Fire Damage

A lot of people think that Texas public adjusters only serve the needs of residents in homes where there has been fire damage. Public adjusters certainly do this and usually do it successfully – but those of you have suffered financial and property loss at your place of business can also get in touch with public adjusters in your area to make sure that you get a fair settlement with your insurance company.

A friend of mine who happens to run a public adjuster firm in Dallas (Abba Claims) is always dumbfounded when he finds out that residential and/or commercial owners who face fire damage, don’t make a call for his services. He knows from tons of experience that all of these people could be getting better settlements from their insurance companies if they would employ a public adjuster to advocate for them. “They are just throwing away extra money!” he says. I agree with him. I’ve read far too many testimonials from both sides – people who got “screwed” out of a fair settlement because they tried to go at the process alone and people who were blown away by the very generous offers they got because they got public adjusters involved.

Have you ever thought about using a public adjuster? Do you even know what they do? I know I didn’t until I had some damage to my home and a friend told me to do some research about public adjusters. Anyway, to make a long story short, my public adjuster worked hard for me and got me a settlement that was far beyond my hopes. I will use a PA from now on and I suggest you simply look into the possibility – take a look at the information provided on the site, and see what you think about employing a PA for yourself the next time any damage is done to your home or business. It certainly won’t hurt to educate yourself about the options.

Hopefully you won’t have any Dallas fire damage, but if you do, make sure to use the aforementioned site to learn more about Public Adjusters and what they can do for you.

July 6, 2018

Immediate Help: Top websites

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Immediate Help: Top websites

I love this one company’s website. It’s for a business employing Houston Public Adjusters (actually, these public adjusters work all over Texas but I say Public Adjuster Houston because it’s more my locale) and the site is set up so well. As a web guy myself I am always on the lookout for businesses which run their online presence in an exceptional way – and this one belonging to Abba Claims hits every correct note. Not only do they have a ton of information about their company and an updated blog (which Google really likes because of “freshness”) but they also provide a ton of information explaining the ‘ins and outs’ of what their entire industry does. This is great for me and I guess for anyone who has no idea what a Public Adjuster does. After reading their site pages, I feel like a relative expert on what any public adjuster does – which by the way is helping people who have had damage done to their house or business. These professionals go to battle for their clients if the insurance companies are not offering a fair settlement. I guess if I ever have damage happen to my house or business, I’ll look these guys up. Anyway, I am getting off track. Back to the quality of their website (…

The best part of their site is that it asks the site visitor if they need immediate help. They offer a chat option and they also have a pop-up that says if you enter your phone number that they will call you back in ten minutes. Now that is some serious customer service. And even though all of these options are available, it doesn’t feel pushy. It just feels helpful. And combined with all of the other aforementioned qualities, I have to rank this site as one of the best I’ve ever been on. And I think it’s funny that I don’t even need a Public Adjuster, but I just happened on this site because a friend mentioned it.

So, if you are like me and are curious about Public Adjusters, I think this is probably the best website in the business. Or if you are in need of Public Adjuster services, I’d start here and see what they can offer you. Why not expect their employees to be as good or better than their website? Okay, I’ll leave it there and keep my eyes out for another amazing website. If I find one, I’ll write about it too. Until then, may your life be blessed!

June 26, 2018

An Amazing Job!!!

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An Amazing Job!!!

I was reading a testimonial the other day about one of the coolest jobs on the planet. There is this Texas Public Adjuster company in Dallas called Abba Claims and they help people get the best insurance settlements from their insurance companies after some destructive event has occurred (fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, etc.). Anyway, I was reading up on their website and was blown away by this one testimonial that stated that the owner of Abba Claims took their case and worked it himself. The person behind this testimonial said that the insurance company had initially offered them around $17,000 as a settlement and that this offer was not going to be anywhere close to what they needed to repair their home. But, once Ches and Abba had finished their hard work for these clients, the offer ballooned to over $135,000. Can you believe that? If this family had not turned to this Public Adjuster, they would have been stuck with an insufficient amount of money but would have had to just deal with it. Instead they did their research and found Abba Claims who got them $118,000 more than they had been offered.

As I read that, I was first amazed at the jump in the offer given to this family. I mean, we are not talking about a few thousand dollars more, we are talking about more than one hundred thousand more. I wonder how that family must have felt when they first got the news of that increase. Did they jump up and down and scream? Did they just breathe deep sighs of relief? Whatever they did, I assume it was some sort of celebration that I would have liked to be a part of. This family now had what they needed to not only repair their house, but now they had extra money to upgrade what they did have. So cool, right?

The second thing that amazed me was how the insurance company came up with such a low offer in the first place. Did their independent appraiser spend any sort of time noting the extent of the damage or did this person just give a cursory look and assign a small amount to the case? I’ve heard that this happens quite often and it is just shameful. An appraiser examining a family’s home should take into account the family’s struggle and really work hard to make them “okay” again.

To close I just want to say, “Good job!” to Ches and all of those at Abba Claims. Your passion and care for your customers is exemplary.

June 20, 2018

Allen Plantation Shutters

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Allen Plantation Shutters

I am not trying to be misleading by titling this article “Allen Plantation Shutters.” Truth be told, this blog is about finding the perfect plantation shutter company in the entire DFW area – it’s just that I happen to live in Allen. Now the question is: Did I find a company that produces and installs the exact shutters I wanted for my home? Is there a perfect shutter company for everyone? After my experience with a group called Sewell Shutters located in Dallas, I would emphatically say, “YES!!!”

Why would I give such a glowing recommendation?

Now I’m not saying that your experience with this company is going to be as fantastic as mine, but after comparing my experience with others who have used them, I personally think that everyone would be more than satisfied with Sewell Shutters. By the way, their website is if you want to check out their online space. The website has a ton of good information on it – exact descriptions of what their shutters are made with and how they custom fit each shutter to any size or shape window. Pretty cool info. But even cooler than their website is the fact that they offer a tour of their factory to anyone who wants to see their production for themselves. And if you take that tour, which is awesome by the way, you get a 10% discount on your future orders. I took advantage of that for sure. I figured “why not check out the total process that my shutters will go through in the production phase” and “why not save some cash?” This was a no-brainer to me and the tour showed me just how serious these people are about being artisans rather than just hourly workers. They are great at their craft and I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone there was – I believe they base their work on biblical principles and thus don’t want to embarrass God by producing and/or installing crappy stuff. Believe me – they are not embarrassing God. They are kicking some serious butt.

Anyway, I now have their plantation shutters perfectly installed in my kitchen and I absolutely love them. That’s why I am writing this blog – to let everyone know about how amazing this group is – I am rarely blown away by a company, but this one impressed me so much that I had to write about it. Hope my claims help you if you are ever in the market for plantation shutters.

With that, I bid thee adieu!

Advice I should have taken: Texas Public Adjusters

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Advice I should have taken: Texas Public Adjusters

I don’t know what I was thinking. Actually I don’t think I was thinking at all. After my house caught on fire and left it almost completely destroyed, I was totally shocked. Everything that felt like my calm sanctuary had been turned into smoke and ash. I of course immediately contacted my insurance company and talked to them about what sort of process I needed to follow so that I could get my house back into working order. They were helpful on the phone and they told me they would be sending out an independent appraiser to determine the extent of the damage and also what amount of money would bring my house and its furnishings back to me. I thought this was great and felt like the insurance company was on my side. I trusted them to completely help me get back to a normal life. But I had some friends who had dealt with smoke damage in their home in the past and they gave me some advice I should have taken. They told me to carry a level of distrust into this whole process because the insurance company would not be completely on my side. In fact, they said that what their insurance company offered them in their situation was not even close to the amount of money that they would need to replace all of the smoke damaged items in their home. It was not a fair settlement offer and so they researched how to get some help from experienced Houston Public Adjusters so that they would have their own appraisers and advocates. After hiring a company to handle this for them, they ended up getting a whole lot more money in their settlement. They told me that I should get a Public Adjuster Firm on my team to deal with all of this fire damage.

But, I had never heard of Public Adjusters before and I guess I was so overwhelmed by the destruction that I blew this advice off. My insurance company had never done me wrong before – they had been fair with me when I had had car issues in the past and so I figured they would be fair with me now. But I was wrong and contacted a Public Adjuster too late in the process to get the settlement I needed to totally redo my house. So stupid, right? Anyway, I learned my lesson the hard way but I wanted to write this article to others who have to file all sorts of insurance claims as a warning. Take advantage of the services of reputable Public Adjusters in your area. They will be on your side and keep you from being taken advantage of. If you have any questions about these people, feel free to write me in the comments section. Thanks for listening to me complain. I’m out!

May 24, 2018

Post-Decorating Disaster

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Post-Decorating Disaster

There is a family that I am really close to who recently re-decorated their living area and kitchen. It was just as they wanted it to be – comfortable, stylish and useful. They were so proud of what they had accomplished and everyone told them that they had done a good job in their choices. But then a disaster struck – a firework landed on their roof without them knowing about it (neighborhood kids) and it resulted in fire damage and smoke damage that destroyed their new furnishings, their roof and their whole re-decoration. It really threw them for a loop. Not only would they have to re-locate for a decent amount of time (to a hotel), but they would have to do a little fighting with their insurance company to ensure that they could recover and rebuild. It was like their life had been taken apart in just a few minutes. They hadn’t imagined that such fire damage could hit them at such a key time. But, they had to start the process of getting everything back – they didn’t think anyone else was going to help them.

But, that’s when they were told about something called a Texas Public Adjuster service in the Dallas area. This company claimed that they could help this family with the entire insurance claim process and even make sure they didn’t get the runaround from the insurance company. This company told them that they would do all they could to get this family all of the money that they needed to actually improve their house. The family checked into this group and found that they had stellar testimonials that made them feel good about using them. (

Well to make this story shorter and sweet, this firm did exactly what they promised. They came in as advocates and independent appraisers to make sure that the insurance company’s appraiser was giving everything a fair look. As a result of Abba’s efforts, this family got back a lot of money to fix their house and beautify it even more than before. It was hard work, but they pulled it off and were able to move beyond the destruction.

I write this article because I want to make other people aware that there are those who are out there who will help you when disaster strikes. Look into Public Adjusters if you run into trouble with your house or business. Most of them are worth the time and research.

May 21, 2018

Watching the Origins

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Watching the Origins

Now I may be alone in this, but I like to watch behind the scenes manufacturing – the origin of products as they go from raw materials to a finished product. If I am going to buy something significant, I want to know where that product comes from and how it is formed. I also like to see the people who are forming a specific product. Are they artisans? Do they really care about what they are making? That’s why I love when a company offers a factory tour so that I can do all of this. It’s a major selling point for me. If I get to watch the behind the scenes work and am impressed by what I see, I am more than likely to go with that business.

Well, it turns out that I am in the market for either Denton plantation shutters or McKinney plantation shutters (I live in the Dallas area) and have been on the lookout for a shutter company, which not only promises professionalism, but also gives me access to their process. I didn’t know if I would find one, but after some computer research I found a company called Sewell Shutters that has not only been in business for decades and has amazing testimonials, but which offers a factory tour to anyone who wants to see how they do what they do. And not only do they offer a factory tour, but if you take a tour you get 10% off of your future order of plantation shutters. I couldn’t believe what I had found – it was exactly what I wanted plus a financial incentive – doesn’t get any better than that…

So, to be brief, I called Sewell up and told them about my desire to take a factory tour. They were so friendly and gladly set up an appointment for me to come in and watch their craftspeople craft the product from start to finish. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the tour itself, but let’s just say it was exactly what I needed to see. These workers were not just doing a haphazard job – they were proud to be making the “best” shutters in the nation. The guide told me all about the kinds of wood that they used and why they did so. After the tour, I was sold. I put in my order that day and within weeks I had these high-quality shutters perfectly installed in my home.

This was a great experience and it only makes me wonder why more companies don’t offer tours of their factories. I bet if businesses showed customers what they were getting before getting it, they would sell a lot more. That is, unless if they have something to hide. Okay, that is my story. What do you think about companies showing people their backend processes? Would that influence you positively? Just interested to see if I am alone in my thoughts and desires. Feel free to comment.

May 7, 2018

More Learning…

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More Learning…

So in my last article I talked about two speakers who came into my business leaders’ workshop group and how they helped to open my eyes to things I had never considered. I definitely feel humbled each time I come to this group because before I started coming I thought I was the ultimate business leader – not in need of extra training. But I am being shown that there is plenty I haven’t thought about but need to. Ideas from other leaders are positively affecting my leadership and that is great for me and for my company. I’ve already implemented several of the suggestions and I have already noticed how it is improving my relationships with my staff.

Anyway, I didn’t have the time in my last article to tell about the third speaker who came in to share with us – I figured I would do that here. The man who came in to talk to us was the owner of a plantation shutters company in Dallas (specifically McKinney plantation shutters and Keller plantation shutters). He was an older gentleman who had a lot of wisdom about how to make a business grow and how to make a company last. His company has been around for thirty years and is still going strong. He told us that the strength of his business was due to three things: integrity in all dealings, use of the best materials and having a solid mission and vision that is consistently communicated to everyone in the company. He explained these three “success-makers” in detail and made me hope that I could create a company that would last for decades. I realized that while I do have a mission and a vision for my business that I don’t really communicate to my managers and day workers. They have become just words on a sign. I decided right then and there to not only consider if our vision and mission were still applicable, but also to consistently communicate it to my staff in some of the ways that this man had suggested.

I have to say that I love this business group. Every week, I am learning new things and this is making me a better man and a better boss. I highly recommend that if you are an owner of a business, that you find a similar group in your area and start going. Just some friendly advice from a fellow learner…

Learning New Things

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Learning New Things

I started attending a business leaders’ networking group about three weeks ago and it has been a great learning experience. I guess I shouldn’t call it just a networking group because we have speakers come in and talk to us about best practices in business. I think I know quite a bit about a lot, but in three weeks time I have learned so much more from all three speakers. It’s like having a business conference or leadership development workshop on a weekly basis and this is so good for me. Speaking of leadership development, we had a man come in who is an expert at executive coaching and talk to us about how to make our mid-level managers into real, passionate leaders within our companies. It was all about getting buy-in from them and then incentivizing their efforts beyond the normal salaries being paid out. I took copious notes about the specifics and asked this guy if he would come to my workplace and speak to my managers. He said that he would be happy to. We scheduled it for two months away. I cannot wait to see what he has to say to them – and also how he will be able to motivate them beyond what I have been able to do.

The second speaker who came in was a public adjuster. Just in case you don’t know what a public adjuster is (I know I didn’t), let’s just say they are advocates for fairness. When people have residential or commercial damage (like a fire or water damage), public adjusters help victims get a fair settlement from their insurance company. Anyway, this man took a pretty cool approach to his talk. He said that since he saw so many disasters firsthand, he was able to identify when a business is damaged and needs outside help getting back on track. He spoke about how his pride had kept him from asking from outside help for a long time, but then he realized that having a mentor would benefit him greatly. He hadn’t realized how “damaged” his business was until this “adjuster” came into his life and showed him the cracks in his leadership. From this mentor, he learned how to identify not only his own business’ problems, but that grew eyes that could see the damage in other’s companies. He said he would be happy to audit our businesses for a small fee and to consult us about how we can keep from exploding or imploding. It was really well done.

Well, that’s all I have to say for today. I’ll probably tell you about the third speaker in my next article. Thanks for reading.

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