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July 11, 2016

More on Realtors (not Moron Realtors)

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More on Realtors (not Moron Realtors)

I remember when I was 16 years old and my parents decided to move into another home. We had been cramped into a tiny 2 bedroom for three years after my father lost his job but finances turned for the better. So we all set out to check out all of the Lubbock homes for sale. And as is typically the case we had a realtor to help us tour houses. I bring this up because I really liked this guy as did my parents. Here’s why:

-This man was professionally dressed – he wasn’t just showing up in a tank and cargo shorts.

-Our realtor was detailed about costs and budgets. It can be quite intimidating to buy and sell houses and we needed someone to help us navigate the winding roads.

-Our realtor was friendly but was not a super extrovert. He treated us with kindness but it wasn’t like he needed us to be his best buddy. I guess what I am getting at is that his personality fit our personalities.

-Our realtor was really good at taking us to houses that fit the description we had laid out for him in the beginning. We wanted a four-bedroom house with three bathrooms in a certain school district and our realtor only took us to those places.

-Our realtor was careful about not pressing us to go over our set budget. Some realtors I have met tempt their buyers with higher priced homes and get their buyers in trouble because they talk themselves into thinking they can afford this more upscale space.

-Our realtor was always on time. He treated us like we were his only client and he never missed a meeting.

-After we bought our house, our realtor was not just done with us. He checked up on us to make sure were satisfied with what we bought after a few months and he thanked us for trusting him with our business. He certainly didn’t need to do that, but he did.

All in all, our realtor was bad to the bone. And the reason I say all of the above is to get you to think about what your “Perfect Realtor” list would look like. What sort of qualities are you looking for in a realtor?

If homes for sale in Lubbock is your current desire, I want to personally recommend Coldwell Banker ( because everyone there is amazing at their job. They aim to be the best and they do this while using biblical values to guide them in guiding you. (It’s not like I am downing the other companies in town. I’m sure they also have good realtors.) But I am absolutely sure that Coldwell Banker is the one company I would use if I were house shopping.

Okay. That’s all I have on Realtors. I hope you find someone like our family found back in the day.

Be blessed




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