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May 7, 2018

More Learning…

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More Learning…

So in my last article I talked about two speakers who came into my business leaders’ workshop group and how they helped to open my eyes to things I had never considered. I definitely feel humbled each time I come to this group because before I started coming I thought I was the ultimate business leader – not in need of extra training. But I am being shown that there is plenty I haven’t thought about but need to. Ideas from other leaders are positively affecting my leadership and that is great for me and for my company. I’ve already implemented several of the suggestions and I have already noticed how it is improving my relationships with my staff.

Anyway, I didn’t have the time in my last article to tell about the third speaker who came in to share with us – I figured I would do that here. The man who came in to talk to us was the owner of a plantation shutters company in Dallas (specifically McKinney plantation shutters and Keller plantation shutters). He was an older gentleman who had a lot of wisdom about how to make a business grow and how to make a company last. His company has been around for thirty years and is still going strong. He told us that the strength of his business was due to three things: integrity in all dealings, use of the best materials and having a solid mission and vision that is consistently communicated to everyone in the company. He explained these three “success-makers” in detail and made me hope that I could create a company that would last for decades. I realized that while I do have a mission and a vision for my business that I don’t really communicate to my managers and day workers. They have become just words on a sign. I decided right then and there to not only consider if our vision and mission were still applicable, but also to consistently communicate it to my staff in some of the ways that this man had suggested.

I have to say that I love this business group. Every week, I am learning new things and this is making me a better man and a better boss. I highly recommend that if you are an owner of a business, that you find a similar group in your area and start going. Just some friendly advice from a fellow learner…

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