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June 13, 2016

How Change Agents can lead a Capital Campaign: Part Two

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How Change Agents can lead a Capital Campaign: Part Two

In my last article, I mentioned three things that a change agent must do to help a church complete a successful capital campaign. Below are the final three things that are crucial to this process.

4. Fourthly, the change agent needs to re-convene the opinion leaders to find out how many people are excited about the process to come, how many people are on the fence but leaning toward a yes and how many people are stubbornly refusing to accept this change. With this knowledge, the change agent(s) can gauge what sort of energies are going to be required to get to a tipping point. Most likely there will never be a unanimous “yes” vote, but if the acceptance rate is high, the late adopters and laggards won’t be needed to get the project done.

5. Fifth, the change agent(s) join together with the leadership to help them budget incrementally for the project and shows them the best ways to finance for the project. “How much will this cost?” will usually be a main question asked at every step mentioned above. A ballpark range can be offered by the change agents based on their past experiences. But an exact number will not be offered out until this stage is reached. It’s good to be vague early in the process. But this step solidifies a number that comes with strategies as to how this will be accomplished. When people see a yearly budget attached to this project and are already fired up for it, they will not freak out when the cost is set.

6. Finally the change agent(s), who are hopefully the same people who will be doing the actual building (best-case scenario), begins to lay the groundwork and then to build out the 3D animations. (Halo Architects in conjunction with Gone Virtual Studios is a firm I would recommend if you want people who understand change agency, vision, church design, budgeting and financing, and also the actual build-out. Feel free to choose who you like, but I happen to know these guys and I’ve seen their tremendous work.)

Okay, that is it for this article. See you next time with another hopefully helpful article as you enter into the Church Capital Campaign world. Good luck and God bless.

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