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March 23, 2018

Fire damage claims

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It’s never fun to have to deal with a fire at your home or business.  In fact it’s downright terrible.  All of the fire damage and destruction left behind in the aftermath can be so depressing.  People wonder how they will ever get things back in shape and it does take a while.  But, the good news is that after a fire, you can often make things look better than they looked before.  I know a family that had a residential fire and although they had to stay in a cramped hotel for a while, they got such a good settlement from their insurance company that they were able to totally redecorate their house.  It looks fantastic now.  What was an older house filled with some old furniture and technology became a well-decorated home that anyone would be happy to show off.  And this wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t received the insurance settlement.

That’s what this blog is about:  Making sure you get a fair settlement from your insurance company when you make your claim.  Sometimes it just works out but very often it doesn’t work out in your favor.  That’s why when you are making fire damage claims, I recommend hiring a professional public adjuster.  Public adjusters specialize in working for you as you negotiate with your insurance company.  They understand the process so well that it’s second nature to them.  They understand how settlements are determined and they make sure that insurance companies hit that mark.  They are advocates for you in this often complicated process.  Living in the Dallas area, I suggest that you use Abba Claims for this.  They are a highly regarded company who have tons of experience getting their clients the right amount of money to help people end up with a better house than before.

Have you ever heard of public adjusters?  Have you ever had to use them before?  If so, comment below and let me know what your experience was.

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