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March 30, 2018

Fire Damage Claim

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Fire Damage Claim

There’s nothing quite like having to make fire damage claims after a fire has hit your residence or business. I remember when my family had a fire and had to find somewhere to stay for the several months that were required to rebuild and restore their entire home. It was so inconvenient. And besides the inconvenience there was the struggle of having lost items that could never be replaced. A fire can cause quite an emotional aftermath. And then you have to work with your insurance company to file a claim that will make sure that you get the sort of settlement that you need – the kind of money that will be needed to put everything back together and get back to living.

Most of the time, when you file fire damage claims, the insurance company sends out an “independent” assessor who actually represents the insurance company. They are not really working in your favor and this disadvantage can lead to lower settlements than you deserve. A smart thing I want to suggest here is the hiring of someone who can work on your behalf during this process. I had never heard of such an advocate before, but was made aware of these professionals recently. These pros who come alongside you to do their assessment and negotiate a much higher settlement with your insurance company are known as Public Adjusters. They work hard for you and don’t take any payment unless you get a settlement that is fair.

One such firm that employs Public Adjusters in Texas is called Abba Claims ( I only mention them because I know their owner and I know what quality work they do. There may be other companies around the state that do this sort of thing, but I can’t recommend them as highly as I do Abba.

Anyway, if you find yourself in a fire damage situation, you might look up Texas Public Adjusters and see if any of the companies seem like they can get you the better settlement.

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