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June 6, 2017

Discounts and Loss Leaders – 18

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Discounts and Loss Leaders – 18

Business Prayer was especially cool this morning first of all because Liz, Josh and me shared our struggles openly again. I have been working on scaling back some and it has definitely worked as far as taking steps away from burnout. I have learned a lot from this move and best of all I have seen business and profits pick up in spite of my doing less. I attribute this to God moving and am thankful that my Lubbock lawn care friend and my Lubbock catering friend have been praying daily for me. Josh said that he was also experiencing gains at his work and he was grateful to Liz and me. He is working on doing more Bible reading at home so that he can learn more about how God works. He asked us what book to start reading and both Liz and me suggested Philippians. Liz is having some issues with how her husband is not leading their children toward good attitudes. He is not modeling a biblical perspective with a lot of things he says and Liz is worried about this. She asked for us to pray for that. Besides those things, we noticed that there are now three groups of three meeting to pray before the main meeting. One of those new prayer people is from a private Christian school in the area (Lubbock Pre-K) and another is from a lady who manages short term furnished housing. I’m not sure who the others are, but it is exciting to watch prayer grow in our midst. We all need God to help with business and family because that pretty much takes care of the whole of our lives.

As for the meeting, I have to admit that I kind of drifted in and out of paying attention. The lady who presented was from a grocery store and she talked about how to use discounts and loss leaders to draw customers into whatever business we find ourselves in. I totally get how this is important, because a lot of customers are drawn to businesses that offer such things, but I already have this going on in my work – I offer my work for much less than others who do what I do and so I was simply in agreement with the speaker. I wasn’t moved into action in the same way as I have been with other topics. But looking around the room I saw a lot of notes being taken and a lot of heads nodding. So, just because this week’s presentation was not as applicable to me, I was happy to see that others were getting a lot from what she said. It did leave me wondering how the Christian school could use discounts to get a bigger enrollment. Their representative was the first to ask questions in the discussion time and I paid close attention to that. Anyway, it was a solid meeting once again.

How do you business people out there use discounts and loss leaders to increase your profits? Do you think it works in a significant way? Please let me know what comments you have. I am always interested in what you readers have to say about the subjects we cover in this larger group.

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