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April 5, 2017

Day 127 – Thursday workouts

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Day 127 – Thursday workouts

So after whining yesterday about having to leave my precious corporate housing swimming pool behind in favor of workout machines located indoors, I got up like normal, threw on some appropriate clothes and headed to the small but adequate gym that is provided for residents. I then climbed onto a treadmill machine and set it for level one, which had me chasing over the occasional hill. I thought it would be pretty easy for my legs to handle running straight away, so after a two-minute warm-up I threw the machine to 7.0 speed and almost fell off of the machine. I had my headphones on and I was listening to Fleet Foxes, but they weren’t helping me survive the speed. Within one minute my legs were burning and my chest was heaving. Against my screaming ego, I had to slow it down to a fast walk. I guess swimming doesn’t prepare someone for a totally different exercise motion. I felt like a weakling who had been defeated by a great foe. I hated this stupid machine, but after it had issued its challenge to me, I was determined to overcome. I will beat you treadmill and all of your machine cousins. I’m a man on a mission.

I left the gym sore from walking fast and got myself ready for a full day of work. I put my clothes on in shame but I decided not to let my early workout failures determine my attitude for the day. So, I went to visit the Christian school (Lubbock Pre-K – 12th grade) and delivered great news to them. Their joy over my marketing acumen restored some of my manhood. I also went to visit my Lubbock landscapers and showed them how SEO was improving their overall exposure on the web. They appreciated the full explanation and gave me more assurances of my good work. The treadmill was almost out of my head as I delivered some other good news to my other clients via email. I sent them reports that detailed their overall movements and how those have been the reason for the large increases in raising up potential customers. I think I worked at a 7.0 speed and was not winded by it.

Meditation: Coming from Philippians where it says to do everything without complaining or arguing, I had to sweep through my life to see whether I was on target with these commands or off target. No complaining? Yeah right. I just got finished complaining about a dumb treadmill. And I am certain that I pretty much complain about some of the dumbest things on the planet on a regular basis. I would blame my culture for training me to do it, but I can’t go around always blaming my culture. At some point I just have to buck it up and obey these things. I’m not much of an argumentative guy and so I am doing okay on that one, but I really need to get that attitude of complaining replaced by constant thanksgiving. It’s the right way to go.

Melissa is great and we have pushed through something called the Pain Cycle – it was assigned to us by our counselor and will take us a few weeks to figure it out. I like relationship homework because it feels as if doing it is increasing our chances for marriage success.

Good day today. I won’t complain about treadmills tomorrow. I promise.

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