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March 8, 2017

Day 110 – Monday study

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Day 110 – Monday study

What do you think of political debates – not historically but those we have every four years that “help” us decide who to nominate and who to elect for President of the United States? I watched the latest debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night and it was pretty entertaining. It was not at all informative to me and it was certainly not persuasive. But, the two battling with their words based on party platforms made me laugh a lot. It was like a comedy to me. What isn’t a comedy is that one of those two will become president-elect in one month. Is either one of them capable of leading the country when they cannot even lead good personal lives? It’s too bad that it takes corporate-backed millionaires to become president. How cool would it be if there was a cap on how much could be spent on a campaign? Even further, how cool would it be if every person who wanted to be heard could raise money up to that cap and run a fair campaign – give us more choices who are on the same level of candidacy? Sadly, the corporations will always run this country and this world – money talks and they have it all. I sound like the late Howard Zinn preaching about the unfairness of elections – but I am doing it from my safe corporate housing space rather than in book form. I am a wannabe critic who is dedicated to the coming of the Kingdom of God rather than a man looking to find leadership from another human. Sorry for the political rant. You aren’t supposed to talk religion or politics and I’ve done both in one paragraph. So much for journal sensitivities…

Now to the Bible Study held at my Lubbock short term furnished apartment: We had ten people show up plus me and Melissa held our first Bible study population at twelve – a pretty good biblical number. I’m not going to name all of the participants because I don’t want to and because I couldn’t all of them anyway. We made everyone wear nametags and we had a short introduction time: What is your name? What do you do for a living? And what made you want to come to this Bible Study? Everyone said their piece and we read the first part of Ecclesiastes – the parts that I had prepped questions for yesterday. I have to say that there was more discussion about these questions than I had imagined. Some of them took so long to discuss that I suggested we stick to this first chapter for week two. Melissa encouraged everyone to come back for the next week and asked them all to bring a friend – if they had any. Overall it was a hit and I think all of us learned something about how the Bible wanted to interpret our lives. Most of the group had never dug into Ecclesiastes and were happy that we had started on it. I think all of them will be back next week.

After the Bible Study, Melissa hung around and helped me clean up – put away the snacks and stack up the Bibles I had bought for those who didn’t have one. We had a good talk about life and love. We both thought the Bible Study went well. She encouraged me and told me I was a good leader for it all. She’s a good one for me.

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