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March 7, 2017

Day 108 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Day 108 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

I got up this morning pretty early for a Sunday and got back to my regular swimming ritual at my corporate housing pool. As fall comes into full and the temperatures drop, I know that they will close the pool and I’ll have to join a gym to keep this routine going – one of those with an indoor version. I’ll hate the extra time it will take me to get there and do it, but that is just a first world problem and I am a good complainer. I’m actually quite surprised that they have kept it open here at my Lubbock Corporate Housing suites – It’s October and that’s typically the time to shut a pool down. But since the temperatures are still in the eighties and since they know I am using it daily, they keep it open – it’s nice of them to do that for me and the several others who still find time to enjoy the sun and the chlorinated water.

Bible Study update – it starts tomorrow and I’ve already fielded about fifteen calls about it – some from the corporate housing and some from people who work at the hospital with Melissa.  I’ve also ordered some Lubbock catering to feed whoever comes.  Who knows how many people will be coming tomorrow, but it’s nice to see that there is a demand for deeper study into the Word of God. I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding the book of Ecclesiastes – commentaries, dictionaries, word studies, etc. I want to know what the experts say so that my leading will be balanced with my own interpretations. I think Ecclesiastes is pretty straight forward but I went ahead and wrote out some questions that I thought might spur on good discussions. Below are a few of my questions – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Feel free to add or subtract or just weigh in with your opinions.

  1. Who wrote the book and why is that significant?
  2. What is the general philosophical feeling that shows up right from the start of the book? Does this surprise you in any way?
  3. What does the author say about new things? Why does he say that? Do you think it rings true in a world of so many technological advances?
  4. What do you think the words meaningless and vanity mean?
  5. Does it bother you to think that what you do and who you are will not be remembered for very long after you die?
  6. With these things in mind, does this affect your view of how you should be living? How and why?
  7. What do you think the author means by the statement: “The more knowledge, the more grief?”

I am hoping that these questions get the group moving in a powerfully moving discussion. I also expect that there will be some argument since these verses are so counter to what most people think about life and the world. It’s not easy to think that everything we do is a ‘chasing after the wind.’ It’s also hard to think that we won’t be remembered for long after our deaths. For me, both of these truths just take the pressure off – I don’t have to live out some amazing life and I don’t need to do anything that gets me remembered. Other than spiritual movements and love experiments, everything else is a waste.

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