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October 3, 2017

A Leader of Change

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A Leader of Change

I’ve been working a little bit for a man named Dr. Andy Neillie, who is a Fortune 500 keynote speaker and leadership coach. He has spoken to and coached thousands of people so that their leadership styles and dynamics are sound and effective. He is known as a leader who teaches other leaders how to lead. During the short time I’ve had to get to know him, I have realized that it’s been a total pleasure to promote him to the corporate sphere. If I was a business leader, I would do whatever I could to attend one of his seminars or to have him come in to my company as a consultant – he is such a motivator and he doesn’t act like he is some kind of guru. He’s humble and just straight up good at his job.

Anyway, I wanted to make some comments about one of his blogs because it really made me think about the two sides of leadership development – going on the offensive (like in baseball) and staying on the defensive (like in cricket) – (yes, he compares leadership to baseball and cricket – cool, right). He says that both of these leadership styles need to be activated at different times to make sure that businesses thrive. He says that some leaders only employ one strategy or the other and this leads to trouble. He suggests that everyone needs to go for it and be bold in their decision making at certain times, but he also says that there are times for more cautious movements to keep a company from falling apart.

 Good stuff I think. I know that I have usually employed the super defensive approach in business – just trying to stay as far away from the tops of the highest peaks and keeping my companies running in safe mode. I have not been willing to challenge my employees to become daring leaders when they needed a strong push. I have let rotten behaviors exist for far too long in my organizations instead of boldly handling them and getting rid of them. This defensive approach has cost me on several occasions but I plan on starting to utilize some of Neillie’s offensive suggestions so I don’t fall into that imbalanced spot again.

 So readers, what do you think about offensive and defensive maneuvers for leaders in business? Have you ever taken an imbalanced approach like me? If so, what happened? I’m interested in hearing about your leadership styles, so hit me with your best comments. Thanks in advance.

September 14, 2017

Houston: The Aftermath

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Houston: The Aftermath

Now that Hurricane Harvey is gone, it’s time for individuals and families to recover. There is so much damage to overcome and so many emotional struggles to work through. The last thing any of you victims need is being lowballed by Insurance companies who want to settle claims for cheap. This is why it’s so important to get in touch with a Houston Public Adjuster who knows what he/she is doing. Public Adjusters can become your partners when dealing with Insurance companies so that you get much more money than you expected. Money won’t solve everything, but it sure does a lot for people who have flood insurance and see that their houses have been destroyed. Getting a livable home back that is filled with new possessions can help to provide some sense of security for all of you who lost everything.

So, I want to make a strong suggestion to call up one of the many excellent Texas Public Adjusters and to talk to them about how they can help you rise back up and find some normalcy.  I recommend one such group called Abba Claims ( because they fight for their clients and do so passionately.  Check out their website and get in touch as soon as possible.  Don’t go at this alone.  It’s not worth it.

So readers, who would you recommend as a good Public Adjuster?  Have you had success with Abba Claims or some other company that helps people get back up on their feet?  Let me know in your comments so that all of us can start to heal.


September 13, 2017

Installing Holiday Lighting

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Installing Holiday Lighting

Football is back on television and this fall season will soon turn its way into winter. The holiday season is quickly closing in on all of us and I cannot believe it. It seems like Christmas carols and Christmas shopping and Christmas lighting along with the rest of the holiday happenings was just yesterday. And there is a lot to get ready for so I suggest that we all get started on planning for it as soon as possible. Who needs the stress of the post-Thanksgiving rush and the Black Friday crush? With some good planning, we can all be happier when those times roll around and we aren’t running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

In this season before the season before the season, I have a specific suggestion that should help you stay in good health and make your life more beautiful. What is this intriguing suggestion? I’m recommending something that has helped me immensely in the past: Hiring professionals to decorate the external part of your house with holiday lighting.

Now why is this so important?

I suggest professionals because there are so many statistics out there that say that there are lots of serious injuries happening yearly to people determined to hang up their own lights – people climbing up on their own roofs and trying to stay stable while handling intricate processes. Truth is, about a thousand people a year who aren’t used to being so balanced and so skilled fall off of their roofs and are injured in their falls. Who needs a hospital stay at Christmas time? Or ever? That would be a painful and expensive holiday season for you. So, don’t DIY this year. No need to become a statistic.

Connected to this point, I want to recommend that you go ahead and book your professional holiday lighting company as soon as possible. What I’ve found is that the really good companies who do this sort of thing, get their schedules booked up before Thanksgiving. So, don’t wait on this deal – go ahead, do some research and get on this now. You’ll be happy you did.

Okay – that’s all I’ve got on that subject, other than to say that if you live in the Lubbock area and want the best in the holiday lighting business, you might want to call up Lubbock Roots today. Check them out on the web at and then make a call.


That’s it. Hope I helped you out. Be blessed.

September 5, 2017

Houston Floods: Is there any good news?

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Houston Floods: Is there any good news?

As a fellow Texan, I have been so shaken by the destruction that has been hitting Houston for weeks. Hurricane has decimated lives and property all over Houston and it is just now that there is a bit of respite. But it wasn’t just the storm itself that was hard – it is the aftermath of the destruction that is going to linger for a long time. I send my prayers out to all of the sufferers in that area and up and down the southern coast of Texas. May they be lifted up and restored now and not later.

With that being said, I want to help my readers out a bit by making a recommendation for handling this aftermath. There are going to be a lot of insurance claims being made so that people can get their possessions and property back. And it’s never a fun process dealing with insurance companies by yourself. So, if you have been hit with this storm and have suffered under this flood damage, I want to strongly suggest that you get in touch with Abba Claims, a top-notch Houston Public Adjuster that can come alongside you as you fight for the money that is due to you. A lot of people who go through such damage claims try to do it on their own but find that they cannot get back what they need to start over properly. But if you have these professionals working with you, you will find this process so much easier. The people at Abba Claims ( have handled thousands of cases like these and can handle yours too. So, don’t go at it alone. Use this company to help you get it all back as soon as possible. I have heard of their work in handling these cases and all I know is that the people who work with them have only the best things to say about them.

With all of that being said, I want to throw out one more huge “Sorry” and “God bless” to you victims of Hurricane Harvey. This is a terrible time in Texas history and I hope and pray for all of you who are going through it – even now.

Readers, have you ever had any experience with this sort of destruction? Are you doing anything to help the survivors of this tragedy? Please leave comments about what else can be done for these Texas folks. It could have been any of us and if we can join together to help these people out, we need to do just that…

August 28, 2017

Special Guest Speaker: Avoiding Business Plateaus

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Special Guest Speaker:  Avoiding Business Plateaus

Today at our business gathering we had the pleasure of welcoming a close friend of Dr. Andy Neillie, who came to share about a recent leadership keynote speech given by Dr. Neillie a few weeks back. Dr. Andy Neillie is a renowned keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies and has changed the direction of many businesses over the past twenty years. Anyway, his close friend Todd was available to come and give a sort of Ted Talk to us showcasing some of the high points of the recent speech.

Todd told us how we can better lead in the twenty-first century. He said that instead of being reactionaries to sudden changes we need to be futurists who forecast coming trends that can shake the business worlds we all come from. He told us that we needed to read as many books as we can on leadership and use the information within those books to give a sense of what is coming rather than waiting for the winds to come and blow us here and there. He went into detail about some of those leadership and management books and told us how he we can share those books with our top-level managers so that they can be ahead of the curve too. He recommended that we start internal book clubs that happen monthly so that everyone in our businesses are on the same page with the direction of the company.

Todd has applied a lot of Dr. Neillie’s principles for his business over the years. Todd shared that by being a leader of leaders we can take over new markets that we had never thought of before. He talked about how we can apply our specific skillset to train the positions of management within our businesses and how that can shift the mindset of everyone. He said that by following these principles of leadership we can stop the common plateauing of businesses and keep up a growth pattern. It was a very interesting talk and one that I planned on implementing. I have allowed my leaders to do their own continuing education instead of asking them to read the best new books together as a group. I plan on changing that in the near future.

So readers, what do you think of this strategy of becoming trendsetters instead of being trend-reactionaries? Have you ever had the privilege of hearing Dr. Neillie speak in person? If so, what did you get out of his presentation? Feel free to comment so that all of us can benefit in our businesses.

July 31, 2017

Abba Insurance Claims Consultants – Claims Insurance Appraisal

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Abba Insurance Claims Consultants – Claims Insurance Appraisal

What do you do if you find yourself in need of a qualified public adjuster? Have you done research on insurance claims consultants who can help you after a fire hits your house or apartment? Do you know your rights when your house or apartment has water damage?

If you haven’t started this research process and want a recommendation for a company that is known as a top-notch company that serves its clients with passion and conviction, I want to recommend Abba Claims, which is a national group that handles every claim with professionalism ( They know how to deal with insurance companies that might not want to pay out the amount of money you need to get your property fixed back up.

Many insurance policies have provisions which say that either the insurance company or the insured has the right to demand an “Appraisal” if that client disagrees as to the amount of their loss. The purpose of this Appraisal process is to moderate between the insurance companies and the people who have suffered the loss.  The insurance company and the insured people choose an independent Insurance Claim Appraiser to represent them.  Then a neutral moderator is chosen to make the final decision on the claim if there is no clear resolution.  This appraisal process keeps everything out of the court system and is an easier way to deal with insurance claims.

I hope that this description helps you in your understanding about your rights when dealing with the Appraisal process. I also hope that you make use of the services of Abba Claims since they understand exactly what their clients need as they navigate the difficult process of getting their lives back together. To those of you who have had to deal with insurance companies after fire damage or water damage, I wish you the best.

July 26, 2017

When you need a great school for your young child…

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When you need a great school for your young child…

A child’s education seems to begin earlier and earlier as years pass. From babysitters and nannies to Head Start and Lubbock Pre-K school (I am located in Lubbock is why I use that as an example) there has been a significant rise in opportunities to get kids a balanced education started.

That being said, it is not always easy to find the best opportunity for your children. And if you are like most parents, you do want the best so that your child has a head start in their academics and their socialization. While there are many good options for early education, I have to recommend a specific school that specializes in Pre-K Lubbock schooling. This school is called Southcrest Christian and I think it has the best mix of academics, socialization, spirituality and sports training for kids all over Lubbock.

I found out about them from a friend of mine who have young kids. I also got to know their administrative staff and teaching staff because I did some marketing for them. This research of their mission and vision as well as how they fulfill both of these things was very refreshing. I’m not just saying this because I worked for them at a certain point – believe me, there are lots of past clients that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Anyway, this school has two campuses – one of them is for 3rd grade and up. I don’t know much about that campus, but I do know that their other campus, which focuses on the lower grades is a fantastic and affordable option for parents who want to give their children a great mix of what I mentioned above. You can find them online at You can also call them and take a tour of their schools to see for yourself that what I am saying is accurate. If I had a young child who was ready for school, I would not hesitate to send them here. Even though it is a private school and comes with a fee, I say it is too important to go cheap when it comes to your kids early education.

So readers, what do you think about using a private school with a high-level reputation? Are you willing to invest in your children’s future by putting them into a school that offers so much? I know that it is not easy to afford private schools, but would you be willing to take a tour to see if this school is all that I am purporting it to be? I challenge you to at least do this to check on my recommendation.

What is a Texas Public Adjuster?

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What is a Texas Public Adjuster?

 Abba Claims, a Texas Public Adjuster that works hard for all of its clients who have disaster hit them and their properties, is a great choice to help you get what you need in times of turmoil.

But what exactly is a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters work hard to get their clients what is needed when dealing with property insurance claims.  It’s an exclusive relationship between client and the public adjuster that is set up to get claims settled so that policyholders can put their lives back together.

Public Insurance Adjusters are regulated by the Department of Insurance or Regulatory Agencies in each state.  There are many rules that need to be followed so that this relationship yields the desired end.  When looking for a public adjuster you want to make sure you find professionals who have a good record of taking care of insurance claims.  Public Adjusters are also known as insurance claim consultants and can be found on the internet pretty easily.

That’s a basic explanation and one you need to keep in mind if you have fire damage, water damage, etc. As well, I recommend writing down the website for the best Public Adjuster in Texas – They are amazing in their professionalism in dealing insurance companies. I know they have helped settle thousands of cases and done so making sure that you, the client, gets what you need to put your life back together.

Have you ever had a property problem like the ones mentioned above? What did you do to get it settled? I’d love to hear from some of you readers out there who have dealt with other insurance adjusters. Did they do a solid job and provide passionate service to you? Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

July 20, 2017

Wedding Prepping in Lubbock

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Wedding Prepping in Lubbock

There is so much prep that goes into getting a wedding ready. From invitations to cakes, brides and grooms have so much responsibility on their heads in one of the most stressful times of life. I recall my wedding prep and thankfully I have one of the best mother-in-laws on the planet who did most of the preparation for my wife and I. Without her, everything about our wedding would have been super disorganized. Instead, it went off with ease and we were able to enjoy the day from having our pictures made to having our honeymoon care ready and gassed up. At the same time, she picked our cakes (with my wife’s blessing) and chose our venue.

How about you married or engaged readers? How did your preparations go? Is it going great or will it go great? I’d love to hear your take on it all.

Anyway, my wedding in Lubbock got me to thinking about two main things that could have made my wedding even better and might make your wedding a wonderful day of joy and excitement. Check these out and comment at the end…

  1. Catering in Lubbock – Some people have a full on dinner or lunch planned for after they say “I do.” We didn’t. We just had cakes and finger foods to satiate our guests. But, I wish we would have chosen one of the best Lubbock catering restaurants in town to provide better foods – not necessarily more expensive foods, but tastier foods. If you are going to just provide snacks for your post-ceremony, I want to recommend using Chick-fil-A as your provider. They are known for their myriad food choices and can wow a crowd with their customer service. I’ve been to a wedding where they offered nuggets and strips from Chick-fil-A and there wasn’t anyone at their wedding who was disappointed. Pick the place you think is best, but I vote on Chick-fil-A.
  2. Outdoor wedding – If you are going to throw a wedding in an outdoor setting, especially if you are having it in your backyard, you really want to make sure you get some Lubbock landscaping done that matches the rest of your décor. I know of a great crew in this town who has handled the Lubbock lawn care for several outdoor weddings. They basically sit down with you and your prep team and show you some designs that they can do and then they handle it all. They think of everything – things you might not think of – and they beautify your setting with the chosen design. You can look them up at if you are interested.

Okay, that’s all I have when it comes to improving your special day. Let me know what you think – tell me what options you have either used or prepare to use and let me know why. I’m always open to hearing what others have to say about both the foods and the designs for Lubbock weddings.

When you need landscaping and holiday lighting from professionals…

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When you need landscaping and holiday lighting from professionals…

The holiday season is only four months away and the exterior of your house is counting down the days until it can showcase the shine of high-quality Lubbock holiday lighting. I know of a local company who not only does top notch lighting, but who also spend the rest of their energy on turning your front yards into art designs or preparing into prepping your yards for the winter months. This company called Lubbock Roots ( is my choice for both things. I am recommending them for both your Christmas lighting and your landscaping. They have done brilliant work for me and my neighbors and I know they will surprise you with their ability to give you the exact looks you are going for whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall.

Besides their excellent work, I want to commend on the leadership of their teams and on the affordability of their work. I know two or three other really high ranked landscaping and holiday lighting companies in town, and while they might have great exterior designs too, they typically cost a ton more than Lubbock Roots. And I know one of them has a leadership team that is pretty weak when it comes to customer service. That’s a big deal to me. I don’t just want the job done right – I want to be treated right as well. That’s another reason why I use Lubbock Roots – they serve each customer – even those with small jobs – with kindness and fairness.

Okay, so that’s my little set of suggestions for you. Even if you use another company for your Christmas lighting and landscaping, I have to recommend that you at least check out Lubbock Roots for yourself. Either send them an email to their web address or give them a call. They will be happy you did and you might be happy to change who you do business with.


So, who do you use for your landscaping needs in the winter months? For your holiday lighting? I want to hear about your expectations and your experiences. Thanks for commenting and sending me your ideas. Thanks in advance…

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