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June 20, 2018

Advice I should have taken: Texas Public Adjusters

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Advice I should have taken: Texas Public Adjusters

I don’t know what I was thinking. Actually I don’t think I was thinking at all. After my house caught on fire and left it almost completely destroyed, I was totally shocked. Everything that felt like my calm sanctuary had been turned into smoke and ash. I of course immediately contacted my insurance company and talked to them about what sort of process I needed to follow so that I could get my house back into working order. They were helpful on the phone and they told me they would be sending out an independent appraiser to determine the extent of the damage and also what amount of money would bring my house and its furnishings back to me. I thought this was great and felt like the insurance company was on my side. I trusted them to completely help me get back to a normal life. But I had some friends who had dealt with smoke damage in their home in the past and they gave me some advice I should have taken. They told me to carry a level of distrust into this whole process because the insurance company would not be completely on my side. In fact, they said that what their insurance company offered them in their situation was not even close to the amount of money that they would need to replace all of the smoke damaged items in their home. It was not a fair settlement offer and so they researched how to get some help from experienced Houston Public Adjusters so that they would have their own appraisers and advocates. After hiring a company to handle this for them, they ended up getting a whole lot more money in their settlement. They told me that I should get a Public Adjuster Firm on my team to deal with all of this fire damage.

But, I had never heard of Public Adjusters before and I guess I was so overwhelmed by the destruction that I blew this advice off. My insurance company had never done me wrong before – they had been fair with me when I had had car issues in the past and so I figured they would be fair with me now. But I was wrong and contacted a Public Adjuster too late in the process to get the settlement I needed to totally redo my house. So stupid, right? Anyway, I learned my lesson the hard way but I wanted to write this article to others who have to file all sorts of insurance claims as a warning. Take advantage of the services of reputable Public Adjusters in your area. They will be on your side and keep you from being taken advantage of. If you have any questions about these people, feel free to write me in the comments section. Thanks for listening to me complain. I’m out!

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