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June 30, 2017

Using Social Media Successfully

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Using Social Media Successfully – Week Twenty-Eight

Well it looks like we are up to five groups of three who have started to pray at the same time as us – we have started a trend. One of the new group leaders (the short-term furnished housing owner) sat in with Josh, Liz and me and asked us to tell how we go about our prayer meeting. We gave a general rundown and then we started our reporting for the week. None of us had any bad stuff to say, only praises to mention. We all entered into this week’s prayer with thanksgiving for how our groups have multiplied and we asked God to make us all committed to pray for each group. It’s amazing really. All of these business owners praying and teaching one another – It’s networking with God and with each other. I cannot believe how all of this has transpired. But I guess that is how God works. He starts marketplace ministry right here and then we carry the supernatural back to our offices and employees. When we finished our time of prayer, Josh did say that his Lubbock lawn care teams seemed more motivated than usual. I patted him on the shoulder and congratulated him.

As for this week’s larger gathering, we actually had a female pastor and teacher (Lubbock Pre-K) come and share about how to build an effective army of volunteers who are willing to spread word of mouth. She said that since there are so many social media mediums, we ought to think about how to get our customers engaged for our businesses’ growth. She said that by encouraging her unpaid volunteers to share Facebook posts and to retweet what the church puts out there on Twitter, they get a stronger base of messaging that takes the place of paid marketing. I didn’t really understand how to get this army of mine to do what she suggested, but it was mainly because I have not invested much time into building my business via social media. I’m not sure why I haven’t done much of this since it is free advertising, but I am going to start now. Why not make my networking expand to the web universe? The overall leader of the group said that he would start a Facebook page for our gatherings and asked us to send out notices to who we know in business. Why not grow?

It’s funny that this came from a pastor. I had expected a big supernatural message, but it was instead a very down to earth message. She did a good job and really got me thinking about stuff I was not doing.

So readers, what do you think about this whole thing? Do you make use of social media to engage any sort of volunteer army? If so, has it seemed to help? Let me know in your comments. Thanks in advance…

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