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June 6, 2017

Limited Bartering – 17

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Limited Bartering – Week Seventeen

I cannot believe I have been coming to this business meeting for four months or so – I usually get all excited about something at first but then I let life get in the way (or I grow tired of the subject material) and I bail. I think the friendships and the prayer time has kept me in this one. Anyway, prayer with Liz (who actually has a different official first name than “Liz” that she won’t tell me or Josh) and Josh was solid stuff. We have gotten into the pattern of surrender and humility – we even confess pretty openly. It’s rare to find a prayer group that has members who trust one another enough to confess weaknesses. It is especially rare in a business prayer group because of the images we all try to protect and promote. This sort of confessional prayer started with Josh a few weeks back and Liz and I just started following suit – we just admitted the struggles we were having and laid it before God. I think this sort of trust has bonded us at a deeper level. We still pray for our businesses but it has become a fuller and more robust prayer time where we express our humanity and our personalities. It’s one of the best parts of my week.

Today at the main meeting, we had a business owner who runs a flower shop. He talked to us about limited bartering among owners. In other words, he said that the businesses represented in our room could decide to trade services without the need for exchanging money. For instance, Liz could get her Lubbock lawn care done properly and free in exchange for Josh getting some Lubbock catering for say a Super Bowl party, courtesy of Liz’s business. Or I could trade my heating, cooling and plumbing work for John’s interior design work. The speaker talked about how this sort of trading would bring the group together and would set us apart as people who have an entirely new system of business. There was a lot of time for discussion about this subject of collective bartering and there was no shortage of questions and comments. Some people were for it but had questions about how to measure the value of one service versus another – would we trade time worked or would we trade a different way? Some people were downright against it because they said they didn’t want to be accused of being Socialists (Kidding). The ones who did disagree only did so because they didn’t know how their business service could be traded with others. For instance the banker couldn’t just give a loan to Josh because he scalps his lawn in the winter.

Anyway, despite the polarization of opinions it was a great topic. The speaker left out a blank page of paper for those of us interested in this barter system. I signed up because I really want to see how it works. There were probably ten people who did the same as me leaving their phone numbers and emails. The speaker said he would contact each of us and set up a separate meeting to decide how this would work for our group in particular.

So, readers – have you ever tried this experiment of collective bartering? What do you think of it? Would it work for you? Comment if you get the chance,,,

June 2, 2017

3D Me

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Day 65 – Friday Night Whites

I was alone at the pool this morning imagining what a 3D animation version of myself would look like – sometimes I get a little caught up in my clients’ work and sometimes I am a bit (a lot) weird. I know that God built me and I wondered if He still had the architectural renderings He used to grow me into the being I am today. He probably didn’t need any of that stuff – I believe He gathered up some common dust and spoke to it. I love thinking about how God made everything so intricately and made everything so easily. This was my meditation for the day: How God knit me together – How He still knows everything about me – The part of Psalm 139 that stuck out to me was, “You know me completely.” I don’t think I even know me completely. I discover new good and bad things about myself every day. It’s nice to know that my Maker knows me totally but still loves me. There are days when I cannot stand myself but God doesn’t go there – He does all He can to care about me despite my madness – It is a comforting blessing that swamped my thoughts at the beginning of the day. He never gives up on me.

I worked on the commercial real estate group’s site some today – it is so different from working with the residential piece. From Lubbock homes for sale to Lubbock commercial properties – I’m going to have to get up to speed on the wants and needs of this company over time, but I start with the basics and get some good results on this first day working for them. Their campaign is set up and in a week I’ll be able to see if they are popping like I want them to. I also checked in with my Texas Public Adjuster site and found a few mistakes that needed to be corrected – they were minor problems but I tend to be a perfectionist when working with SEO.  My final work duty had to do with working on my Pre-K Lubbock school’s site.

Melissa took a personal day off of work where she still got paid but didn’t have to go in. She had earned that time and we made the best of it. We got back into our relationship questions and talked about this: How much will we share about our relationship with others? Will we tell our friends about the depths? Will we include our parents when we get into fights? And speaking of that, how will we handle fighting over different things? Will we yell and scream? Will we quickly forgive one another? Will we be aggressive and wage personal attacks or go passive aggressive? Melissa and I agreed that we would keep most things between us – We wouldn’t bring our families and friends into our intimacy and we certainly wouldn’t talk about our fights unless it was with a counselor. We also agreed that when we fought we wouldn’t get loud and we wouldn’t sulk. Quick forgiveness would be our M.O.

So that was Thursday – mostly. I bought some new underwear, but I didn’t think that was relevant. Still, you know now – fresh tighty-whities. With that I’ll leave you to your own lives. Always feel free to speak your mind in the comment section – especially if your life is more interesting than mine.

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