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May 2, 2017

Families and Business

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Week Seven

 Once again my lawn care buddy (Josh) and I met for pre-meeting prayer and Liz joined us from the start. (Liz is the one who handles the catering in Lubbock business.) It was cool to have this small group of people share what is going on in life and not just in business. Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are humans first and business people second. We committed to pray for one another’s relationships because they are so important. If we are doing poorly in our relationships outside of work then it carries over and affects the way we do business. For instance if we are fighting with family or with our significant others before we go into work, we tend to be less patient with our colleagues. We also bring in baggage that doesn’t need to be present at the workplace. So, me, Liz and Josh are going to pray for each other in that regard since we all have that happen quite often. All of us are married with kids and we all admitted that we have brought our home junk into work at times. Besides this conversation, we prayed for each other’s businesses to flourish as we grow as people. I’m starting to really love this prayer time.

As for the larger group teachings and discussion, it was amazing as usual. It was about how to incentivize our workers so that they would work toward higher goals – Someone did a study about how offering incentives to workers actually makes them buy-in to the business and push for better results. This study also said that this applies to Millennials who have the reputation for not caring about much. The study that was presented to us today showed that while Millennials tend to take incentives to be a necessary entitlement, they still work more for the greater good than just for a paycheck. We all discussed what sort of incentives could and should be offered to employees so that they would be excited to work harder. There were several good ideas thrown around and I was careful to take good notes so I could pick some of them out for my employees. My employees are already hardworking but if I could create a culture of buy-in, I want to. I think I am going to run some sort of quarterly contest for them. I love contests that push me to work harder and so I will just toss one out there to see if it is effective. If that doesn’t work, I will try out one of the other suggestions that came up during this meeting.

By the way, if you are reading these updates I want to encourage you to either find one of these groups in your city or to start one. This has been nothing but incredible for me – it’s not just the prayer or the information that is valuable – it is the networking with other business professionals that is a major benefit. So, get on it you fine individual and comment away if you have any ideas for incentives for workers.

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